Fanie Soto

Esthefanie Enríquez Soto / Fanie Soto, was born in Mexico City on April 13, 1989, but grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco. She is a graduate of the Bachelor of Audiovisual arts of the University of Guadalajara (2010-2014), and began her career as an audiovisual producer and screenwriter in Lunapsis Films, an independent producer. She has worked in the writing and realization of the short films “Redención” (University of Guadalajara 2011), “Moon Stranded” University of Guadalajara 2012, “Atoyanalco” (University of Guadalajara 2012) and “Interludio” (University of Guadalajara 2012). She has participated several Project production for different institutions such as CAAV in 2013 or CONACULTA / PAPIAM in 2014, as well as in the elaboration of workshops for extension area of the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC). She was a finalist of the first Cinematographic Script Tournament organized by Write Cine A.C. and was awarded the first place of the 13th National Screenwriting Competition for Film authors and adapters, Matilde Landeta A.C. 2018, with the script “Cosas imposibles”, which is now in production process under the direction of Ernesto Contreras. Today she has the development of about six short films, two feature films, plus a black comedy tv series.