Jorge Ramírez-Suárez

Jorge Ramírez-Suárez is a writer, director and producer with German/Mexican citizenship. He has a Media & Communication B.A. (UNAM) and a Film Direction B.A. (CCC Film School) both in Mexico City. He also studied photography. Jorge has directed written and produced seven feature films including the hits Conejo en la luna (Rabbit on the Moon which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival Official Selection) and Guten Tag, Ramón (released in twenty countries, including the US and Germany, by 20th Century Fox). He directed two films to be released in 2018: La Gran Promesa (The Grand Promise) (USA by HBO), a genre-mix, shot in five countries with Juan Manuel Bernal and Sam Trammell, and the comedy Mi Pequeño Gran Hombre (My short great man), with Jorge Salinas and Fernanda Castillo. Ramírez-Suárez has won five Mexican Journalist Awards, several international awards and has been nominated six times by the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Premio del Público, Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara
Prix Rail D’oc, Mejor Película, Toulouse, Francia
Premio Manuel Barba, Mejor Guión, Huelva, España
Premio Coral, Mejor Cortometraje, La Habana, Cuba
Diosa de Plata, Mejor Director, México
Diosa de Plata, Mejor Guión, México
Diosa de Plata, Mejor Película, México
Diosa de Plata, Mejor Editor, México
Premio CANACINE, Director del Año, México
Premio CANACINE, Mejor Película, México
Ariel Mejor Director, Nominado, México
Ariel Mejor Escritor, Nominado 2 veces, México
Ariel Mejor Editor, Nominado, México